Investigations in the Public Interest

We use our skill set to support causes that build a better society. QRI’s work on this front includes investigations to exonerate the wrongly convicted, expose civil rights violations and corruption by government employees and agencies, support policy reform campaigns, and identify the assets of alleged war criminals, among other projects. 

Our investigations support non-profits, civil rights law firms, journalists, labor unions, criminal defense lawyers, and NGOs in their efforts to reform the criminal justice system, litigate harmful policies, expose conflicts of interest, defend the rights of the indigent, fight tyranny, and protect democratic systems.

Case Studies

Keeping Dangerous Chemical Out of the Supply Chain

A coalition of public health experts and consumer advocates campaigned to persuade a global brand to eliminate a controversial chemical from its supply chain. Clues we gathered from import-export records, factory inspection reports, and disgruntled former insiders were used to pinpoint the source of the additive to a supplier with a checkered past. This intelligence helped our client negotiate a phase out of the additive.

Exposing Corrupt and Compromised Law Enforcement Officers and Judge

Evidence we collected from judicial disclosures, tax filings, and foreign corporate records was used to prove that a federal judge had financial and personal links to prosecutors who appeared before him. Our client, who had been arrested on bogus tax evasion charges, used those facts to win the judge’s recusal.