Litigation Support

QRI conducts sophisticated investigations for litigators who specialize in complex commercial matters, white-collar criminal defense, and international arbitration. We handle pre- and post- judgment asset searches around the world. We arm plaintiffs’ counsel with facts they need to build persuasive cases. We help clients defend against external threats. And we parry charges of insider trading, investment adviser fraud, wire, mail, and tax fraud, and international money laundering, among other charges. QRI also supports clients during pre-indictment investigations.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A financial services company hired us to gather evidence that a former employee failed to disclose ties to a foreign subsidiary and violated the non-solicitation clause of his employment contract. Corporate records we obtained from Europe, metadata we recovered from the employee’s work-issued iPhone, and interviews we conducted with former colleagues were used, successfully, to argue for a monetary judgment against the employee.

Case Study 2

Witnesses we identified and interviewed were called to testify by our client, a criminal defense lawyer representing an individual accused of wire fraud, and their testimony impugning a government witness helped persuade a jury to acquit.