Internal Investigations

When companies suspect wrongdoing from within their ranks, QRI works to root out fraud or discover whether otherwise improper behavior has occurred. We interview witnesses, obtain and analyze digital data, identify patterns of fraud, and investigate the backgrounds of suspects. We have investigated suspicions of expense account fraud, vendor fraud, accounting fraud, violations of employment contracts and compliance policies, and intellectual property theft. When necessary, we make referrals to law enforcement agencies.

Case Studies

Media Leak

A prominent startup turned to QRI when an anonymous detractor began planting comments about one of the company’s executives in a trade publication and on social media. Our investigators interviewed witnesses to assess the validity of the accusations, and our cyber team probed the client’s network to identify internet browsing activity revealing the leaker. The company terminated the detractor.

Bank Breach

When a client suspected that a socially-engineered breach of its corporate bank account might have been an inside job, QRI led the investigation to identify the culprit. Our team collected and analyzed critical internal documentation, including deleted digital data, and audio recordings of the perpetrator’s voice. Armed with this evidence, we mapped key data points, interviewed insiders, and identified potential suspects. Ultimately, we made a successful referral to the state Attorney General.

Mail-Theft Ring

The co-op board for an exclusive residential building hired QRI to investigate a pattern of theft that targeted residents’ mail over the course of three years. Recognizing that the perpetrator could be a member of the building staff, our investigators met discreetly with resident victims, compiled data about the thefts, and assessed the total losses—approximately $200,000, far more than the board had realized. We were able to draw connections between the postal delivery worker who serviced the building and key geographical locations where stolen checks and credit cards were cashed or used. At the board’s request, we successfully referred the case to law enforcement.